New Voice. New Vision.

Rachel is committed to a New Voice and New Vision that reflects the people of Georgia's Eleventh Congressional District.


When donating to Rachel's campaign, you are contributing to the New Voice and New Vision by and for the people of CD-11.


Come out and meet Rachel by attending a campaign event.


Rachel’s grassroots campaign is comprised of volunteers committed to working together for this New Voice and New Vision.

Rachel on the


There are a variety of issues important to the people in CD-11. Find out where Rachel stands on these issues.

2019 will be the start of an amazing run to 2020. We will work harder, longer, smarter and better with our communities and neighbors. Those who want to come on board rest now... We are holding nothing back.

Family is the most important thing we all have. Each and everyday I get up and fight to make a difference for the better for mine and yours.

Fall in love, stay in love, and work everyday to be the leader they expect you to be; they want you to be; and who they need you to be.

Lead with humanity and justice- great things will be accomplished year after year.

Together we can do

Our Best


Our children are our most precious resource. We need to build our investment in our children’s education, so that they can compete for jobs and additional education in an ever increasingly competitive job market.


I will work with the healthcare industry and across the aisle to ensure that we develop strategic solutions to expand the availability of affordable health care to every deserving citizen.


I will promote sustainable alternative energy legislation while at the same time push for environmentally friendly legislation to protect our air, water, and land that will decrease mankind's carbon footprint upon the Earth.

Civil Rights

I will work each and every day to ensure that we pass legislation that protects freedoms for all, prohibits discrimination and ensure justice for each one of us.


As a proud ally to the LGBTQ+ community, I will fight to ensure their rights and freedoms are protected.


I will work to ensure that access, whether physical or mental, is available for all of our neighbors that may need special accommodations. 

Reproductive Freedom

The freedom to choose what happens to your body is an individual right and one that shall not be infringed upon by the government.

Military & Veterans

Our military members, veterans, and their families have sacrificed a great deal in their service to our country. I will work to ensure they receive all the benefit and services they need both during and after their service has ended.


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Braves Game with Rachel

Join Rachel at the Braves game on August 30th Get a standalone ticket, a t-shirt, and a parking pass. All monies above the cost of the ticket are donations to Kinsey 4 Congress.#kinseyattheballfield

July 2019 Donation Drive

July 2019 Donation Drive Rachel will #bringwashingtonhome for the people of CD11. To be a part of this historic campaign. Donate $100, $50, $11, or whatever you are able to give. Every dollar counts as we work to get Rachel to Congress to be a true representative of our community. #WeAreGA11 #Kinsey4Congress

Kinsey4Congress Kickoff Event

Join us for the Kinsey 4 Congress Campaign Kickoff to celebrate Rachel Kinsey’s bid for Congressional District 11. The event will take place at Stout’s Growlers in downtown Canton, GA, 188 North Street from 6pm to 8pm on March 7th.  

New Voice. New Vision.

After all of the horrific shootings from Parkland, to Sandy Hook, to Las Vegas, and others, we still have not acted to restrict gun sales to people who lack the mental capacity to act with the utmost respect for the safety of others. Responsible people should be allowed to purchase guns that suit their needs for self-defense and sportsmanship. No gun owner need fear that we are trying to take away their constitutional right to bear arms.