Wife. Mother. Business Owner. Politican. Humanitarian.

I grew up with public educators as parents learning that hard work and dedication are essential for providing for your family and your community. My husband, Will, and I strive each day to instill those values in our children, Madison and Oliver. As we raise our family and deepen our roots in Woodstock, we continue to share in triumphs and heartaches of our beloved community. Whether it’s donating items for a family whose house recently burned down, or bringing food and clothes to shelters, or supporting our local businesses, we come together to support one another without hesitation. Our shared community is strong and noble and persistently illustrates the compassion and grace that defines not only the people of Georgia’s Eleventh Congressional District, but the people of our great state and the country in which we are fortunate to live.
I am called to selfless service to ensure that our neighbors are always cared for, that when you work hard you are paid for that work, and that our families remain safe. That community is why I am running to represent the people of Georgia’s Eleventh Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.
Over the last five years, I, along with my husband William have been blessed to open and grow our business. I know all too well the responsibilities that come with meeting the daily demands of running a business. When we decided to open our business and employ members of our community, we consciously made the choice to invest in them. It remains imperative that we make sure that they receive the pay and benefits that they have earned, that they don’t need to worry about the ability to put food on the table, and that they need not worry what the cost will be should they need to go to the doctor.
Each and every one of us in the Eleventh Congressional District deserve to have our State and Nation invest in our communities. We all want and need affordable and accessible healthcare. No one should have to worry about going bankrupt if we need surgery or need treatment for a life threatening illness such as cancer. We all want our children to receive a high-quality education without wondering whether they will come home from school that day to their families. We all want to make sure that guns are accessible only to responsible gun owners, offering them the protections they deserve, and working towards keeping the guns out of the hands of those that would cause us harm. We want to breathe fresh, clean air and take our families out to parks and rivers that are devoid of trash and pollutants. We have the same goals for our families and communities. We share in the values that drive our community forward, and I will represent the people of Georgia’s Eleventh Congressional District and ensure that we are working toward achieving those goals, guided by our shared values, every day with the best interests of the people of this district at heart.
When I ran for Georgia State Senate in District 14 last year, my campaign talked to over 10,000 voters that expressed their concerns with local and national issues. I want to be a true representative of the people, which means that I will be asking you for your thoughts and ideas with unswerving loyalty to you, your families, and our community. I will hold town halls and reach out to you directly. Just like during my run for State Senate, I will continue my Open Door Policy and I am committed to being accessible to you. I need to hear from you to ensure I am always working for you. This is our district; this is our community, and listening to you is always my priority.
Being able to sit down and speak to someone, to truly internalize what they are saying, and try to find common ground if we disagree is what I always strive to do. Once we find that common ground, we have a foundation that can be built upon which will only strengthen our ability to meet our shared goals.
The Economy Must Work for All of Us
Our economy must have the capacity to benefit each of us that works hard to take care of our families, pay our bills, and put food on the table. This not only means lifting up those that need our support from time to time, but celebrating with those that have worked hard and helped to build our community. Our nurses, teachers, farmers, government workers, and those that commute to Atlanta to work every day should not have to supplement their incomes with a second and even third job. I work with people every day to ensure that new tax laws do not hamper their personal economic status. We live in a community of hard workers and the people of this district deserve an economy that works for all of us.
Affordable Healthcare Helps All of Us
We all have experienced the high cost of healthcare either firsthand or by knowing someone that has endured the burden of high copays, expensive prescriptions, and overwhelming medical bills. By making healthcare more accessible and more affordable, we reduce the emergency room population, as more people will go to the doctor when they start to feel ill instead of delaying a doctor’s visit due to a cost related fear and only going to the hospital when they are in need of invasive, expensive treatment. Our doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are outstanding public servants and they should not carry the weight of healthcare costs on their shoulders. No parent should have to worry about changing a child’s prescription because of a change in insurance or an inability to pay for a high cost medication. We all want to be lifted from the fear that injury or disease may devastate our bank accounts and instead know that we can afford our medicines and visits to the doctor without choosing between our family’s health, putting food on the table, and going into debt.
It Is Time to Reduce and Eliminate Gun Violence
Like all of us, I was heartbroken to learn of the Parkland shooting on February 14, 2018 and vowed to do everything I can to keep our children and our neighbors safe from gun violence in our communities. I am a supporter of the Second Amendment and therefore believe that there is a constitutional right to own firearms. I also believe that we can do more to ensure guns are not placed in the hands of those that would do us harm. As the next representative to Georgia’s Eleventh Congressional District, I vow not to yield to the demands of the gun industry and instead fight for the rights of responsible gun owners and keep our children and neighbors safe from threats of gun violence.
Our Veterans and Military Service Members
Earned and Deserve Our Attention
We must support our veterans and ensure that they are not forgotten once they take off their uniform for the last time. I am a proud board member of Hands Across Atlanta, a nonprofit that serves our homeless veterans. We provide these warriors with food, clothes, and partner with local dentists to give these veterans any dental work they may need, free of charge. Our veterans have our gratitude and adoration, which extends to their families. We must do everything we can to support our military members and their families as they deal with long separations and the toll that the lasting repercussions of military service can have on them all. Our warriors need our community’s support both during and after their time of service has come to an end as they’ve earned our vigilance in guaranteeing they are never left behind.
Our community is a beacon of hope and strength. We deserve to be represented by a person that cares not for placating to special interest groups, but looks to the people to represent their interests, their wants, and their needs. Our community deserves to have their healthcare, their children’s education, their economic stability and growth, their safety, and so much more at the forefront of their representative’s actions in Congress.
I believe in our community and know that as strong as we are, we can reach ever higher and achieve even more as we strive to meet our collective goals. I want to represent the people of Georgia’s Eleventh Congressional District in Congress because I believe that we are the example of what it means to work hard and have the utmost in devotion to our families and our community while reaping all benefits that come with that hard work and devotion.
I have great admiration for my neighbors and see your brilliance for when we are individually thriving we are collectively flourishing. This New Voice and New Vision for the people of Georgia’s Eleventh Congressional District is a direct reflection of that singular hope inherent within us all that binds with the hope of our neighbors and sparks a collective optimism and anticipation for what is yet to come. The time is now to further bind that collective hope to one another, stand tall on its strength, and discover what is on the horizon for this remarkable community.
Join me, as we work for a New Voice and New Vision for all of us.

Jane Austen -

"It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do."